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Environmental, Social and Governance Policy.

True North Real Asset Partners Limited (True North) was created to focus on real asset investments where value can be created from the positive environmental or social dimensions of assets. As experienced real asset fund managers, we add value to our investments utilising a variety of strategies implemented through active asset management, change of use or refurbishment and development of assets. Planning to identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities across all business activities is therefore vital.

We aim, where possible, to exceed our stakeholder expectations and ensure sound management, investment and ethical principles are incorporated throughout our real estate fund management activities.


Environmental and carbon reduction policy.

There is strong consensus within the scientific community that climate change is occurring and is caused by human activity. True North is therefore taking steps to reduce its own carbon emissions. This makes good sense environmentally and economically. 

True North will ensure it operates within all environmental, legal and other requirements as imposed by EU and UK law and best practice. 

True North is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and will ensure that all is done to mitigate climate change and the adverse impact this has on the world.

We are committed to complying with applicable legislation in all the jurisdictions where we operate and will share achievements with all stakeholders in and outside the organisation. 

It is our aim to ensure our environmental commitments become an integral part of our day-to-day activities, that we seek ways to continually improve our environmental performance and operate in a responsible manner including reducing waste and making reductions in our carbon emissions from heat, power and travel. 

       We aim to control our impact on the environment through the following objectives: 

  • Minimise our contribution to pollution by reducing our carbon emissions and waste together with recycling, reusing and reducing wherever possible.

  • Assess the adverse effects our operations/partnerships may have on the environment and seek ways to minimise them. 

  • Introduce into our procurement practice supplier selection criteria based on a minimum environmental standard where possible.

  • Promote environmental awareness to all stakeholders including the induction of new employees.

  • Monitor, report and reduce carbon emissions specifically from heat, power and travel by 2022.

  • By becoming carbon positive by 2022. 


       We will achieve the objectives through the following activities:

  • Selecting the most appropriate form of travel considering carbon emissions as well as other business factors, and only travelling when necessary.

  • Ensuring that any buildings that we may occupy in the future are done so in such a manner as to optimise use and reduce emissions through control of heat and power.

  • Reducing waste through control of packaging for bought in goods.

  • Recycling all appropriate waste such as paper, card, metals and plastics.

  • Reducing our use of plastics.

  • Ensuring that the induction process for new starters contains information about this policy and obligations to adhere to it.

  • Challenging behaviour of colleagues who act in a manner contrary to this policy.

  • Expanding the availability and use of technologies to allow for changes in behaviour particularly around travel, e.g. greater use of video conferencing.


       We will:

  • Prioritise safe and sociable environments within and around our assets, working with local communities to identify and capitalise on the opportunities that surround our investment assets

  • Uphold equal opportunities for employees and potential employees

  • Prioritise the welfare of our workforce, ensuring high labour standards and providing support and encouragement with continual career progression.


       We will:

  • Maintain a comprehensive Compliance Manual and related policies and procedures which have been developed at the direction of our board.

  • Engage with external compliance consultants who provide independent advice to our board and perform annual monitoring of our compliance arrangements

  • Ensure adequate and regular structured compliance training to every member of staff

  • Ensure accurate and structured reporting to provide our clients with a clear picture and understanding of the performance of their investments.

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